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Support for SQL Server 2016 adam robinson  2016-07-19 16:28
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Forgive me, this is a pretty elementary question.

I am setting up a new BI server for a biobank, and am designing it now. We are a Microsoft shop, so the choice of DBMS is already made :)

SQL Server 2016 has just been released by Microsoft, and is not mentioned as a supported release for current LabKey. We are going with it to get extra features not available in earlier releases.

At the same time we are looking for alternatives to Microsoft's tools for information delivery because we have data we cannot store in Sharepoint, and I am thinking to take a close look at LabKey for this.

How long might it be before Labkey will support SQL Server 2016? How risky is it to try and make them work together before it is officially supported? Are the risks just that things might not work, or are there data security implications?
adam responded:  2016-07-19 17:45
I've run my local instance of LabKey against SQL Server 2016 for several months without any problems. We haven't put the official stamp of approval on this version only because we haven't had time to install and test it extensively with LabKey in our continuous integration environment. We are scheduled to do this in August, so I expect we'll be able to officially support it soon.

Past SQL Server upgrades have gone VERY smoothly and shown excellent backward compatibility. Difficult to assess risk without running our full test suite, but I certainly don't expect any data security problems.