Review Consent Forms

This topic describes how the investigator will retrieve the consent forms after users have submitted them. While you cannot explore this feature with the example study, this topic shows what you will do.

Note: Access to this information is strictly controlled and available only to authorized persons.

Access Registration Server

The authorized user can access the submitted consent forms on the Registration Server. Each study is housed in a distinct location and the investigator will only be able to access their own study's information.

Obtain authorization and the individual link as part of the onboarding process.

Review Consent Forms

Once your study is in use on the COVID MyStudies app, you will be able to access the downloadable consent records in the file browser.

The filenames and dates are shown. Click the column header menus to sort.

Download Consent Forms

To download one or more forms, use the checkboxes on the left to select them. You can multi-select by selecting the first one in the set you want, then shift-clicking the name (not the checkbox) for the last form you want. Click the download link. If you select multiple forms, they will be downloaded as a zip file.

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