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LabKey Server Organize. Learn how to organize and secure your data with LabKey Server. Analyze. Learn the data analysis features of LabKey Server. Collaboration. LabKey offers full-featured collaboration and data sharing systems. Files. LabKey's file management systems makes it easy to import, search, and share all your files online. Clinical Study Data. LabKey Server supports all aspects of long term observational studies. Specimens. LabKey Server's specimen management services includes: tracking tools, web-based requests, etc. Gene Sequences. LabKey Server helps you manage and analyze your genotyping data and integrate with your existing workflows. Flow Cytometry Files. LabKey Server automates high-volume flow cytometry analyses, managing large data sets across many instrument runs. Proteomics Data. LabKey Server helps you manage, analyze, and share high volumes of tandem mass spectrometry data. Any Assay Data. LabKey Server can import and analyze any form of assay data, using either a pre-defined or custom assay design. LabKey Server. Get started by installing LabKey Server. Data Repository. LabKey Server stores your data in a secure, sharable file management system. Data Integration. LabKey Server brings all your data together to help you see the big picture. Security. LabKey Server offers a full-featured security system to keep your data safe. Auditing. LabKey Server's file auditing feature lets you track who is looking at what files. Visualization. LabKey Server supports interactive data grids, auto-updating charts, and advanced graphical tools such the R platform. Reports and Data. LabKey Server provides many different ways to share and export your data. API. LabKey Server provides full API access to data services and a wide range of tools for building custom applications. R. LabKey offers full integration with the R statistical platform. JavaScript. LabKey's JavaScript client library makes it easy to write client applications that interact with LabKey Server. SQL. LabKey's SQL dialect helps you create powerful queries and views. SAS. Load live data from a LabKey Server into a native SAS dataset for analysis. PERL. Query, insert and update data on a LabKey Server using Perl. Java. Create custom features and modules using LabKey Server's extensive Java API. Scientists. LabKey Server is an 'Electronic Laboratory' where you can analyze, explore and experiment. Statisticians. Integrate with the powerful R statistical platform to analyze your data. Programmers. Extend LabKey Server with a wide range of dev tools. Collaboration. LabKey Server offers built in message boards, issue trackers and wiki systems to help you share with your collaborators.

LabKey Server helps scientists organize, analyze, and share large quantities of biomedical research data. It also provides secure, web-based query, reporting, and collaboration services over a wide variety of data sources. Specific scientific applications are layered on top of these services to meet the data integration challenges of individual labs.

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