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LabKey Server provides a robust infrastructure for web-based collaboration. Building blocks include "anywhere" database access, file sharing, easy-to-manage security groups, authentication, auditing, message boards, issue trackers and wikis.

LabKey Server allows integration of many different types of data on one platform -- from descriptive study observations to large quantities of assay data. But data integration is only part of the story. Modern research teams need to work with their integrated datasets collaboratively, no matter the number or location of team members. LabKey Server helps such teams collaborate by providing web-based sharing, editing and display of both data and files.

Your team can build a data portal on top of LabKey Server to allow your users to see, share and/or update live data and visualizations of this data. Labkey's built-in wiki tool allow you to custom-tailor the way your portal displays and organizes information for your data-sharing community -- however large, dispersed or specialized that community may be. Depending on how you secure your project, you can share information within your own group, across groups, or with the public. You can add issue trackers to track project tasks or or message boards to facilitate discussions of research data among colleagues.

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