Launching with the 17.3 release, LabKey Server introduced a new and improved user interface. Look for responsive design, more icons, streamlined user process, and more intuitive layouts. Additional options for customization will further help you get the look you prefer for your own users.

This topic provides comparisons of old and new versions to help you map familiar features and learn to use the new look.

Headers and Menus

The menu bar at the top of every page is slimmer and simpler. The top image is the "old" UI, the bottom is the new.

  • The project and folder menus has been combined into one. See Navigate Server for details.
  • Web part pulldown menus are now available in the upper right of a web part, rather than attached to the name. The set of options on these menus has also changed. Administrative options are only available in Page Admin Mode.
  • The search bar is only shown when you click the icon.
  • The admin menu can now be accessed via the menu.
  • The help and username menus have been consolidated under the menu.
  • Some hover and click actions have been changed to better match user expectation.
  • Menus show / icons to indicate a submenu or parent menu is present. Click the option to change the menu display to show the other menu level.
The top bar in the prior UI showing the folder name and main tab (labelled "LabKey Server" in this image) is not shown when there are no additional tabs, unless the user is in Page Admin Mode.

Page Admin Mode

In the previous user interface, adminstrators could make changes to, or add new web parts and tabs on a page, and always saw those utilities present. Now by entering/exiting Page Admin Mode, administrators can still make those changes, but can also review the page as non-admin users will see it.

To access this mode, select (Admin) > Page Admin Mode. When in admin mode, an "Exit Admin Mode" button will be shown in the header. To exit Page Admin Mode, simply click this button. If you access the menu in Page Admin Mode, you will see the link reads "Exit Page Admin Mode" to make it clear which direction the toggle will go.

The web part menu is still available when outside Page Admin Mode, but the set of options is limited to the set of actions editors can take, i.e. those not circled above.

For more, see Page Admin Mode.

Grid Menus and Options

The new user interface offers a more graphical and intuitive grid layout making it easier to page through, manage, and interpret your data.

For details, see Data Grids: Basics.

Frameless Web Parts

You can display web parts to users without the enclosing frame and menus. This can streamline your page layout, enable embedding web part content more smoothly in wikis, and use other UI features like carousels. For example, the icon is sufficient to explain the purpose of a search web part without the addition of the frame.

Administrators can access the title and menu of frameless web parts when in Page Admin Mode.

Learn more here.

Please Give Us Your Feedback

As we transition to our user interface, we are very interested in your feedback. Select Give UI Feedback from the (User) menu.

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