The Samples dashboard shows the sets of samples available, and the relative volume for each in each month. This topic covers working with registered sample data. Click the Samples tile from the home page, or click Samples in the menu bar from within the application.

To learn various methods for generating new sample IDs, see Generate Samples

View Sample Sets

Sample sets listed on the left (or accessable from the Samples menu bar) can be viewed as a datagrid for further sorting or filtering. Click a cell in the grid to see samples for that sample set in that specific month.

Click the sample set name link (to the left of the table or from the Samples menu in the menu bar) to see a grid view of that sample set across all months. Click an individual cell to see only that subset.

Edit Some Details

From any Samples grid view, click a name to see details of that sample. Click to edit the description on the Overview tab. Changes made here are audited.

View Lineage

The Lineage tab shows any lineage of this sample.

View Assays

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