Collaborative DataSpace: User Guide

Documentation: Version 19.3
The CAVD DataSpace (CDS) data portal is a custom project developed by LabKey and the Statistical Center for HIV/ AIDS Research and Prevention (SCHARP) at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Fred Hutch). The goal is to help researchers gain new insights from completed studies, making integrated data from all studies available within a web-based interface for browsing.

Beginning in July 2018, the CAVD DataSpace is available to the public.

Create an Account

  • If you don't already have an account, click Register Here.
    • Enter your email address and complete the verification code.
    • Click Register.
    • You will receive an email with a link valid only for your own email address. Click it.
    • Select a strong password, enter it twice, click Submit, and wait for the page to refresh.
    • Log in using your new password. On first log in you will need to complete the Member details panel.
    • Click Submit.
  • You will now be on the home page of the CAVD DataSpace.

Explore the DataSpace

The home page offers summary data, visual options for getting started, and both navigation links and filtering options in the right-hand panel.

The banner menu includes: Contact us, Tools & links, Help, and Logout.

Tools and Links

Useful references are provided on the Tools & links menu.

  • DataSpaceR: R package on GitHub that allows users to programmatically access data in DataSpace
  • CATNAP: Provides analysis of data associated with HIV-1 neutralizing antibodies, including neutralization panel data, sequences and structures
  • CombiNAber: Predicts the neutralization of combinations of antibodies
  • bNAber: Compares and analyzes bNAb data
  • CAVD DataSpace Twitter page
  • CAVD website and portal
  • HVTN website and portal


When the DataSpace site needs to be taken down for maintenance or to install an upgrade, an administrator will post a banner warning giving users notice of the timing and duration of outages.


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