By default, LabKey Server uses the login page at /server/modules/core/resources/views/login.html, but you can provide your own login page deployed in a module.

Use the standard login page as a template for your custom page. Copy the template HTML file into your module (at MODULE_NAME/views/LOGIN_PAGE_NAME.html) and modify it according to your requirements. Note that the standard login page works in conjunction with a login.view.xml file (at /server/modules/core/resources/views/login.view.xml) and a JavaScript file (at /server/modules/core/webapp/login.js). The login.js file provides access to the Java actions that handle user authentication, such as loginApi.api and acceptTermsOfUseApi.api. Your login page should retain the use of these actions.

Once you have deployed your custom login page, you will need to tell the server to use it instead of the standard login page. For details see Look and Feel Settings.

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