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Extract-Transform-Load functionality lets you encapsulate some of the most common database tasks, especially (1) extracting data from a database, (2) transforming it, and finally (3) loading it into another database.

Some scenarios where ETLs are useful:

  • Assembling data warehouses that integrate data from multiple data sources.
  • Migration from one database schema to another, especially where the source schema is an external database.
  • Coalescing many tables into one.
  • Distributing (aka, provisioning) one table into many.
  • Cloning the current state of a table.
  • Normalizing data from different systems.
  • Moving data in scheduled increments.
  • When migration processes require logging and auditing.
ETL functionality can be encoded (1) in a custom module or (2) using the folder management UI on the server. The following topics will get you started developing ETL scripts and processes and packaging them as modules:

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