The file browser, or Files web part, offers support for working with files. This topic covers many features available in the file browser.

Create a File Browser

In the folder where you want to provide a file browser:

  • Enter > Page Admin Mode.
  • In the lower left, select Files from Add Web Part and click Add.
  • Click Exit Admin Mode.

Drag and Drop Upload

The Files web part provides a built-in drag-and-drop upload interface. Open a browser window and drag the desired file or files onto the drag-and-drop target area.

Folders, along with any sub-folders, can also be uploaded via drag-and-drop. Empty folders are ignored and not uploaded.

While files are uploading, a countdown of files remaining is displayed in the uploader. This message disappears on completion.

Create Directories in the File Repository

You can create directories in the File Repository by clicking the folder button:

Enter the name of the directory in the popup dialog, and click Submit:

Note that directory names must follow these naming rules:

  • The directory name must not start with an 'at' character: @
  • The directory name must not contain any of the following characters: / \ ; : ? < > * | " ^

Show Absolute File Paths

Administrators can grant users permission to see absolute file paths in the file browser on a site wide basis.

To show the column containing the file paths to users granted the necessary permission:
  • In the file browser, click Admin.
  • Click the Toolbar and Grid Settings tab.
  • Scroll down to the Configure Grid Column Settings section.
  • Uncheck the box for Hidden next to Absolute File Path (permission required).

Users who have not been given the See Absolute File Paths role will see only an empty column.

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