To generate new samples within LabKey Biologics, you can directly upload using LabKey server, or use the Sample Generation wizard described in this topic.

Open the Wizard

There are two entry points for the sample generation wizard:

  • From an entity or sample detail page: Select Create > Sample IDs to create a sample.
  • From a grid of entities or samples: Having selected one or more rows in the grid, select Create Samples from the Insert New pulldown menu. This allows you to create samples with the selected entites or samples as parents.

Sample Creation Wizard

The only fields required for generating Sample IDs are:

  • Target Sample Set: selected or prepopulated via one of the methods for entering the wizard
  • Quantity
In addition, multiple parents and multiple sample groups may be specified for the new sample IDs.


If desired, one or more parents of the new sample can be specified. Click Add Parent, then select the type of parent to be added from the list of Data Classes and Sample Sets available. More than one type of parent may be selected if needed, and there is no requirement that each new sample have parents from every type selected.

If you are generating new sample IDs from an existing sample or entity, it will already be prepopulated as a parent, with the type of entity preselected as a parent type.

In each sample group section, you will then see a selection pulldown for each type of parent selected above. Use the selection pulldowns to select the desired parents from the members of the set or class selected above. Remember you can type ahead to filter the drop down menus.

Sample Groups

At least one sample group is required, and created by default for the quantity given, but more may be added using the Add Sample Group button. Each sample group can be populated with a different quantity and descriptions. The parent selection process works as above, with each sample group having a unique set of parents.

Generating Samples

Once the fields in the wizard are completed, click Create Samples to generate the new samples.

Each sample group will report success or failure to create the samples in that group. If one group fails while another succeeds, the successful group of samples will be created and that group will be disabled within the wizard. You can make changes to the group that raised the error and resubmit until all groups succeed.

Upon successful submission, you will see the sample set filtered to show only your newly created samples.

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