Biologics Admin: Grids, Detail Views, and Entry Forms

Documentation: Version 19.3
Administrators can control which fields are shown in grids and detail views throughout LabKey Biologics. This includes views for Entities, Sample Sets, Assays, and Issues/Workflow items. The topic below shows how to add and remove fields, change field names, and change field order.


  • To control grid views, exit the LabKey Biologics application by selecting Avatar > Switch to LabKey.
  • Find the grid view you wish to change and click it. For example, to change the grid view for Protein Sequences, click ProtSequence under DataClasses.

On the ProtSequence DataClass select (Grid Views) > Customize Views.

To add a field, select it on the Available Fields panel. For example, below the Mass field is being added.

To remove a field, click that field's X in the Selected Fields panel. For example, below the Avg. Mass field is being removed.

To change a field name, click that field's Cog in the Selected Fields panel. For example, below the field Organism is being changed to Species.

To change field order, drag-and-drop the fields in the Selected Fields panel.

When the changes have been made as desired, click Save in the lower right.

Save the grid as the Default grid view for this page.

Once the changes have been saved, they will be reflected in the Biologics application.

Details Pages

To control the fields on a details page, follow the same process as described above, except save the view using the name "BIOLOGICSDETAILS", capitalized and one word.

Once saved, the corresponding details view will reflect the changed UI.

Custom Grid Views

When administrators create custom grid views, these can be exposed to non-admin users in the Biologics user interface.

For details on creating custom grid views see Customize Grid Views. If you wish to expose a grid view to users, ensure that "Make this grid available to all users" is checked when saving the view.

When custom grid views are available to a user, a Grid Views dropdown will appear to the right of the download button on summary grids. If no grid views are defined for that grid, the dropdown will not appear at all.

Clicking the dropdown shows all of the views available to the current user, including the default view.

Entry Forms

To modify an entity's entry form, modify the fields for that entity. For example, to add a field "NIH Registry Number" to the Cell Line entity:

  • From within the Biologics application, select Avatar > Switch to LabKey.
  • In the Data Classes list, click CellLine.
  • In the Data Class Properties panel, click Edit Fields.
  • Click Add Field, and specify its Name, Label, and Data Type.
  • Click Save.
  • The field will appear in the entry form for Cell Lines.

Follow similar procedures to delete or modify entry form fields.

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