One way to create and populate a dataset is to directly import it from a tabular data file. The columns and datatypes inferred from your data file will define the shape of the dataset.

Create a Dataset from a File

In this example, we define a Physical Exam dataset by importing an Excel file. In order to follow these steps yourself, download Physical Exam-- Dataset.xls. Note that this file is intended for import into a visit-based study.

  • From the Manage tab in a study folder, click Manage Datasets.
  • Click Create New Dataset.
  • Give the dataset a short, unique name.
  • The dataset ID is an integer number that must be unique for each dataset in a study. By default, dataset IDs are defined automatically for you, but you may uncheck the box and specify your own if you prefer.
  • Select the Import From File checkbox.
  • Click Next.
  • Browse to the file that contains the data you wish to import. Here, the "Physical Exam-- Dataset.xls" file you downloaded earlier.
  • Once you select it, column and type information will be automatically inferred and displayed for you.
  • Before clicking import, you may make changes to the inferred dataset:
    • Uncheck the box at the top of a column to ignore during import.
    • Correct types if required; for instance, if a column you intend to be a numeric type happens to only contain integers, the server will infer it as an integer field.
    • In the column mapping section you can pull down to select mappings between columns in the dataset you are creating and existing columns in the study domain.
  • Click Import.

View Dataset

When your dataset has finished importing, it will appear as a grid view and will look something like this:


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