Quick Charts provide a quick way to assess your data without deciding first what type of visualization you will use.

Create a Quick Chart

  • Navigate to a data grid you wish to visualize.
  • Click a column header and select Quick Chart. Depending on the content of the column, LabKey Server makes a best guess at the type and arrangement of chart to use as a starting place. A numeric column in a cohort study, for example, might be quickly charted as a box and whisker plot using cohorts as categories.
  • You can then alter and refine the chart in the following ways:
    • View Data: Toggle to the data grid, potentially to apply filters to the underlying data. Filters are reflected in the plot upon re-rendering.
    • Export: Export the chart as a PDF, PNG, or Script.
    • Help: Documentation links.
    • Chart Type: Click to open the plot editor. You can change the plot type to any of the following and the options for chart layout settings will update accordingly
    • Chart Layout: Click to customize the look and feel of your chart; options available vary based on the chart type. See individual chart type pages for a descriptions of options.
    • Save: Click to open the save dialog.

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