It is possible to calculate a suite of statistics for every well in an FCS file using an INNER JOIN technique in conjunction with the "Statistic" method. This technique can be complex, so we present an example to provide an introduction to what is possible.


Create a Query. For this example, we use the FCSAnalyses table in the Peptide Validation Demo, a more complex demo than the one used in the Flow Tutorial. We create a query called "SubsetDemo" using the "FCSAnalyses" table in the "flow" schema and edit it in the SQL Source Editor.

FCSAnalyses.FCSFile.Sample AS Sample,
FCSAnalyses.FCSFile.Keyword."WELL ID" AS WELL_ID,
FCSAnalyses.Statistic."Count" AS COLLECTCT,
FCSAnalyses.Statistic."S:Count" AS SINGLETCT,
FCSAnalyses.Statistic."S/Lv:Count" AS LIVECT,
FCSAnalyses.Statistic."S/Lv/L:Count" AS LYMPHCT,
FCSAnalyses.Statistic."S/Lv/L/3+:Count" AS CD3CT,
FCSAnalyses.Statistic(Subsets.STAT_TCELLSUB) AS NSUB,
FCSAnalyses.FCSFile.Keyword.Stim AS ANTIGEN,
FCSAnalyses.Statistic(Subsets.STAT_CYTNUM) AS CYTNUM,
FROM FCSAnalyses
INNER JOIN lists.ICS3Cytokine AS Subsets ON Subsets.PFD IS NOT NULL
WHERE FCSAnalyses.FCSFile.Keyword."Sample Order" NOT IN ('PBS','Comp')

Examine the Query. This SQL code leverages the FCSAnalyses table and a list of desired statistics to calculate those statistics for every well.

The "Subsets" table in this query comes from a user-created list called "ICS3Cytokine" in the Flow Demo. It contains the group of statistics we wish to calculate for every well.

View Results. Results are available in this table.


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