Files Not Visible

If you do not see the right files in the "Files" web part, check whether you have set up folder or project-level file roots or set up pipeline overrides. A project may also be configured with file sharing disabled. Since these are inherited by subfolders, you may not realize that they have been applied to your folder.

You can check for unexpected settings at each level using:

  • Folder: (Admin) > Folder > Management > Files tab
  • Project: (Admin) > Folder > Project Settings > Files
  • Site: (Admin) > Site > Admin Console, click Settings, then under Configuration, click Files.

No "Import Data" Button Available

If you are using a pipeline override for a folder that differs from the file directory, you will not see an "Import Data" button in the Files web part. You may either to change project settings to use the default site-level file root or you can import files via the Data Pipeline instead of the "Files" web part. To access the pipeline UI, go to: (Admin) > Go to Module > Pipeline.

Project-level Files Not Moved When Site-wide Root is Changed

When the site-wide root changes, files in projects that use the default, site-wide root are moved automatically to a new location and deleted from in their original locations. Also the file paths recorded in core tables are updated to reflect the new locations.

Files located in projects that have project-level roots or pipeline overrides are not deleted when you change the site-wide file root. If you have set project-level roots or pipeline overrides, files in these projects and their subfolders must be moved separately.

User Cannot Upload Files When Pipeline Override Set

In general, a user who is an Editor or Author for a folder should be able to upload files. This is true for the default file management tool location, or file attachments for issues, wikis, messages, etc.

The exception is when you have configured a folder (or its parent folders) to use a pipeline override. In that case, you will need to explicitly assign permissions for the pipeline override directory.

To determine whether a pipeline override is set up, and to configure permissions if so, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the folder in question.
  • Select (Admin) > Go to Module > Pipeline.
  • Click Setup.
  • If the "Set a pipeline override" option is selected, you have two choices:
    • Keep the override and use the choices under the Pipeline Files Permissions heading to set permissions for the appropriate users.
    • Remove the override and use normal permissions for the folder. Select "Use a default based on the site-level root" instead of a pipeline override.
  • Adjust folder permissions if needed using (Admin) > Folder > Permissions.

For further information, see Set a Pipeline Override.


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