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Introductory Vidoes

TitleDescriptionVersionVideo LinkLength
LabKey Server OverviewAn Overview of LabKey Server. Video4 min
LabKey Server IntroAn Introduction to LabKey Server, exploring the basic functionality of the platform, key use cases, and steps for getting started. Jan 2017 Video61 mins
LabKey BiologicsAn Introduction to LabKey Biologics. June 2019 Video38 mins
Chart DesignerUse drag-and-drop column selection and a more intuitive layout of configuration options to create a visualizations. 16.3 Video6 mins

Webinars and Feature Demonstrations

TitleDescriptionVersionVideo LinkLength
Demo: LabKey Server and Tableau DesktopLearn to visualize LabKey data within Tableau via ODBC. July 2019 Video10 mins
LabKey Server New UI Walk ThroughHighlights of the UI update. Nov 2017 Video25 mins
Visualizations WebinarVisualization with LabKey Server. Apr 2017 Video41 mins
Panorama WebinarIntroduction to Panorama, the LabKey Server module for targeted proteomics research. Sept 2017Video63 mins
Compliance WebinarCreating a Secure and Compliant Research Environment Aug 2017Video44 mins
Workflows WebinarBusiness Process Workflows Using LabKey Server. Feb 2017Video52 mins
Build with GradleDevelopers: Learn to build LabKey with gradle instead of ant. 17.1 Video7 mins
Compliance FeaturesAutomatic account expiration and disabling features; audit failure notifications. 17.1 Video6 mins
Chart DialogUpdates to user interface and functionality in the common plot editor. 17.1 Video3 mins
Bar ChartsGroup bar charts by multiple categories and apply alternate aggregation methods. 17.1 Video2 mins
BinningSupport for binning in scatter plots to make plots of large datasets clearer. 17.1 Video3 mins
NAb QCQuality Control features added to Neutralizing Antibody (NAb) assay tools. 17.1 Video11 mins
LuminexExclusions for Singlepoint Samples. 17.1 Video6 mins
Abstraction BatchesAbstraction cases show the batch number and next/previous indicators. 17.1 Video1 mins
Abstraction TimerOptionally track the time abstractors and reviewers spend working on each case. 17.1 Video4 mins
Abstraction Auto-AdvanceAbstractors and Reviewers control their task queue for auto-advancing. 17.1 Video4 mins
Abstraction ProtocolsAuto-Archive and Disable Pipeline Protocols. 17.1 Video2 mins
Skyline FilesDecluttering Skyline files with AutoQC. 17.1 Video8 mins
Export to RStudioData can be exported directly to RStudio. 17.1 Video3 mins
Pie and Bar ChartsNew options for creating bar charts and pie charts as column visualizations and in the chart designer. 16.3 Video7 mins
Additional Column Summary StatisticsNew column summary statistics options including standard deviation and standard error. 16.3 Video4 mins
Apply Template to Multiple FoldersApply a folder archive template to multiple folders simultaneously. 16.3 Video8 mins
Resolve Samples in Other LocationsSamples in different containers can now be resolved in a single sample set. 16.3 Video6 mins
Retain Luminex Exclusions on ReimportUsers can now opt to retain the exclusion of wells, analytes, or titrations when reimporting Luminex assay runs. 16.3 Video3 mins
Expanded Data Views CustomizationReorder subcategories and alphabetize Items in Data Views Browser. 16.2 Video5 mins
MS2 Reporting TweaksPropagate the FDR filter applied to the decoy results to the target peptide results. 16.2 Video4 mins
Panorama QC ImprovementsThe Quality Control Dashboard shows a summary of the most recent file uploads, along with color-coded QC reports. 16.2 Video6 mins
Notifications for IssuesAn experimental feature displays a notification inbox in the upper right corner of the LabKey Server interface. 16.2 Video6 mins
Multiple FASTAs for a Single SearchXTandem and Mascot searches can be performed against multiple FASTAs simultaneously. 16.2 Video3 mins
Small Molecule SupportPanorama QC folders now support both proteomics (peptide/protein) and small molecule data. 16.2 Video3 mins
Self-Service Email ChangesUsers can update their own email address. 16.2 Video3 mins
Views/Reports Terminology UpdatesThe “Views” menu has been renamed to “Grid Views”, and focuses exclusively on modifying grids. The new “Reports” menu consolidates the available report types. 16.2 Video4 mins
Aggregates and Quick Visualizations on Data GridsCreate small charts for one column of data, including Histograms, Box Plots, and Pie Charts. Display aggregate values at the bottom of a data column, including Average, Count, etc. 16.2 Video7 mins
Specimen Repository – FreezerPro ConfigurationAdd custom fields via the field mapping user interface. To ensure appropriate field mapping, the user interface now filters by data type. Refine data loaded from the FreezerPro server with expanded filter comparators. 16.2 Video9 mins
 Improved Issues List CustomizationThe Issues administration page has been re-organized for clarity and enhanced for ease of use. 16.2 Video15 mins
API Access via Session KeyCompliant API Access to Sensitive Information via Session Key 16.2 Video7 mins
SAML IntegrationSAML authentication is now supported in LabKey Server Professional, Professional Plus, and Enterprise Editions. 16.2 Video7 mins

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