Wiki Attachment List

The list of file attachments to a wiki page is displayed at the end of a wiki page by default. You can hide this list by selecting the "Show Attached Files" checkbox above the attachment browsing UI on a wiki edit page.

It is often handy to hide this list when the attachments to a page are images displayed on the page. The interesting part of the files is their display within the text, not the list of images.

Wiki Attachment List Divider

This section provides a method for hiding the bar above the list of attached files on an individual or an entire site.

The "Attached Files" divider often appears above the list of attachments to wiki pages. This divider appears when the page has attachments and the "Show Attached Files" checkbox is checked for the page.

You can conditionally hide the divider using CSS that affects the unique ID of the HTML element that surrounds that divider and text. You can hide the divider on a page-by-page basis (for HTML, not wiki-syntax pages), or via a project stylesheet (which will affect all pages in the project). If you're using a site-wide stylesheet, you can put the CSS there as well.

The CSS rule looks like this:

display: none;

If you want to hide the divider in a single page, add a <style></style> block to the page source and include this CSS rule in it. Note that this works only for HTML-sytax wiki pages. Local CSS definitions are not supported on wiki-syntax pages.

For project/site stylesheets, just add this rule to your .css file.


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