This tutorial shows you how to install and use a sample workflow application on a single-user LabKey development server. You will install new modules and start and stop the server, so it is not practical to run this tutorial on a running production server.

The tutorial sample workflow combines a few simple steps to illustrate the basics of working with business process management workflows in LabKey Server. By exploring and editing our sample, you can learn to develop your own new workflows for your specific needs.

Tutorial Scenario

Consider the work flow in a lab where scientists receive sample material and run one or both of two assays on it, depending on the needs of the requester. The assay(s) must be run, results reviewed, and decisions made along the way, including potentially rerunning the assay entirely. Many simultaneous requests might be in process at the same time, and if certain steps aren't completed in a timely way, you want to be able to catch that and make sure the request isn't forgotten. Each process ends when the original requested assay results are approved and returned to the requestor.

First Step


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