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Version 2.3 Improvements and Future Directions

Learn How to Use LabKey Applications

  • CPAS (MS2): Manage tandem mass spectrometry analyses using a variety of popular search engines, including Mascot, Sequest, and X-Tandem. Use existing analytic tools like PeptideProphet and ProteinProphet. Combine MS1 quantitation results with MS2 data using the new new MS1 Application.
  • Flow: Perform statistical analysis and create graphs for high-volume, highly standardized flow experiments.
  • Study: Manage human and animal studies involving long-term observations at distributed sites. Use specimen tracking for samples. Design and manage specialized assays. Analyze, visualize and share results.
  • Collaboration: Build a web site for publishing and exchanging information. Your tools include Message Boards, Issue Trackers and Wikis. Share information within your own group, across groups or with the public by configuring user permissions.

Explore LabKey Modules

Extra modules can be added to Applications to extend their functionality. Available modules include:

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