This topic covers the tasks performed by a user in an Assay folder configured for processing instrument data. Review the topics in Assay Administrator Guide to learn how an administrator sets up this functionality. The best place to start learning about using LabKey assays is to begin with the Tutorial: Import Experimental / Assay Data which walks through the basic process.

Once an administrator has set up the appropriate assay design and environment, the user can:

  • Import Assay Runs: Most assays will use instrument-specific properties or processes.
    • Depending on the type of instrument, tools and grids offer various analysis options to the user. An administrator can add and configure what is available. For a sampling of possibilities, see Assay Tutorials for specific instrument types.
  • Exclude Assay Data: (Premium Feature) Exclude data when necessary, due to unreliability or other factors.
  • Re-import Assay Runs: When necessary, the user can also reimport assay runs.
  • Export Assay Data: Users may export data in a variety of ways

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