Assay designs can pull in Entity information from any of the DataClasses that have been defined. For example, assay data can refer to related Molecules, Sequences, Components, etc, in order to provide context for the assay results.

To add Entity fields to an assay design, add a lookup field that points to the desired Entity/DataClass. For example, the screenshot below shows how to add a lookup field to the Molecule DataClass.

Once the assay design includes a lookup to an Entity type (such a Molecule), you can add other related fields to the assay design using Customize Grid. From the Assays page, click the name of your assay. Select Manage > Edit Design, then click View Results.

Select > Customize Grid. Use checkboxes to add fields, expanding nodes as needed. For example, the following screen shot shows how to add the Components field (which is a field of the Molecule Entity).

Save as the default view, and select Biologics Navigation > Return to the Biologics Application. The lookup fields and grid customizations will appear in the assay results grids, as show below.

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