When administrators add charts or other visualizations in LabKey Server, they are surfaced above the corresponding data grid in the Biologics application. Reports are presented on a separate tab.


For example, if charts are added to an assay run or result set, then they will be made available above that assay's data grid in the Biologics application. When charts are available, the Charts button above the data grid will be activated.

Add a Chart

Administrators can add visualizations using the standard mechanisms in LabKey Server.

  • To add a chart, first switch to LabKey Server at > Switch to LabKey.
  • Navigate to the appropriate table. (For example, if you wish to visualize the results for the Osmolarity assay, navigate to the Osmolarity assay, and then click View Results.)
  • To create the chart, click > Create Chart. Create and save the chart.
  • Go to the corresponding data grid in LabKey Biologics. (In this example, go the Osmolarity assay, and click the Results tab.)
  • Click the Charts button to see your visualization.
For details on creating charts in LabKey Server, see Visualizations.

Reports Tab

All charts, reports, and custom grids are surfaced on the Reports tab, which shows the same items as the "Data Views" web part would in LabKey Server.

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