• Ingredients are virtual entities in LabKey Biologics, and capture the fixed natural properties of a substance. For example, the Ingredient "Sodium Chloride" includes its molecular weight, melting and boiling points, general description, etc. You register an Ingredient like this only once.
  • Raw Materials are the particular physical instantiations of an Ingredient as real "samples" or "bottles". You register multiple bottles of the Raw Material Sodium Chloride, each with different amounts, sources, lot numbers, locations, vessels, etc.
There is a similar relationship between Mixtures and Batches. Mixtures are the virtual definition that defines some recipe. Batches are the physical instantiations of Mixture. Ingredients are combined to create Mixtures ("recipes") which are then instantiated as physical batches.

This topic describes viewing registered media and steps for registration of ingredients and materials. The processes for creating mixtures and batches are covered elsewhere.

The Media dashboard provides tiles for registering and managing:


Clicking Ingredients brings you to a grid of available (previously created) ingredients and an Create > menu to create a new ingredient.

Selecting Create > Ingredient opens the wizard for creating a new ingredient. This wizard is controlled by the fields in the 'Ingredients' DataClass, which can be customized through LabKey Server by an administrator to include the fields you need. For example, the insert panel for ingredients might look like this:

Once required fields are completed, click Submit and you will see the grid filtered to show only your new ingredient. Click the 'X' on the filter to return to viewing all ingredients.

Raw Materials

The raw materials used in mixtures are listed on the Raw Materials tab.

Select Create > Raw Material to add a new one. The data entry wizard is similar to that for ingredients. A quantity is required, a description is optional, and the other fields included are determined by the "RawMaterials" sample type. For example:

  • Quantity (Required)
  • Description
  • Manufacturer
  • Product Number
  • Lot Number
  • Amount
  • Expiration Date
  • Consumed
  • Ingredient Name

Bulk Upload of Ingredients and Raw Materials

To upload ingredients and raw materials in bulk, select Manage > Import Data.

A variety of file formats are supported, such as Excel and TSV files. Click Template to download a blank file with the appropriate column headings for import.

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