Biologics Tutorial: Navigate and Search the Registry

Documentation: Version 20.7
This tutorial provides a guided tour of LabKey Biologics' user interface and search functionality, including:
  • How to search the registry for entities of interest
  • How to view and interpret detailed views of those entities
  • How to navigate to related entities
  • How to browse and refine registry grid views

Set Up Trial Server

  • This tutorial assumes that you have registered and created a Biologics Trial instance of the server.
  • If you have already created a biologics trial server, select it, and login: Your Sites
  • On your site, click Explore.

Biologics User Interface

This section provides a quick tour of LabKey Biologics. Click along as directed to see different aspects of the data and the available tools.

Biologics Home Page

  • Navigate to your Biologic home page, which provides a search bar and tiles linking to different data portals.

Registry Home Page

Click the Registry tile.

The Registry portal provides links to different Entities in the system: Molecule Sets, Molecules, etc.

Data Grids

  • Click Molecules.
The Molecules page shows a data grid of all of the registered Molecules.

Detail Pages

  • Click M-3.
  • The M-3 Details page shows properties, components, related entities of this molecule.
  • Scroll down to view the related entities.

Menu Bars

  • Return to the Molecules grid page by hovering over Registry in the main menu bar and click Molecules. (Note that you can also click Molecules in the submenu bar.)
  • Click LabKey Biologics to return to the main Home Page.

Search Biologics

  • In the search bar enter:

  • Constrain the search to Molecules only:
    • Click Advanced
    • Open the dropdown menu and select Molecule.
    • Click Search.
  • Find the M-1 search result and click it's name (shown above).
  • Scroll to the Molecule Components and click PS-17.
  • Click Sequence. The Sequence tab shows sequence annotations (the results of the sequence analysis engine).
  • Click Protein Sequences.
  • You are taken to a data grid of the registered protein sequences.
  • Clicking in the search bar brings up a dropdown of grid options: filter, keyword search (the default), sorting, and selecting grid views by name (when any are defined).
  • Enter the following text in the search bar:
  • Note that the search returns 3 results.
  • Sort by clicking the menu icon in the column header Avg. Mass and selecting Sort ascending.
  • Modifications of the grid accumulate in the search bar in lozenge boxes.
  • Clear the modifications to return the grid to its original state. To reveal the 'X' for deleting, hover over the lozenge.

The guided tour continues in the following topic: Biologics Tutorial: Add Sequences to the Registry

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Biologics Tutorial: Add Sequences to the Registry


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