Feature Changes

In order to support their ongoing enhancement and extension, changes will be made to the following features as part of the LabKey Server 18.3 release:

Timer-Based Study Reloads

Timer-based study reloads will be removed and premium subscribers will be automatically migrated to upgraded File Watcher configurations. We anticipate no interruption of service or change in functionality, and premium edition clients will receive individual assistance migrating existing scripts and reloads, as necessary.

Alternative methods for study reload include file watcher-based reloading, manual reloading, and using a script to call the "checkForReload" API action.

Extract-Transform-Load (ETL)

The ETL module will be removed from the Community Edition and become a premium feature, available in all premium editions. Premium clients will not experience any change in functionality or interruption in service.

Create Chart View

The deprecated chart creation tool will be removed in 18.3 and existing chart views created by users will be automatically migrated to the updated implementation.

Premium subscribers have access to a variety of LabKey features outside of the community edition as well as professional support. Learn more about LabKey Premium Editions.

Windows Installer Decommission

The LabKey Server Windows-only Graphical Installer will be decommissioned as part of the 18.3 release in November 2018. Moving forward, virtual machine images will be provided with each release as an alternate method for evaluating LabKey Server on-premise. We encourage new users looking to evaluate LabKey Server to take advantage of the cloud-hosted trial version of LabKey Server.

Documentation will be provided with the 18.3 release to help ensure a smooth transition for teams currently using the graphical installer to update their LabKey Server installations.


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