Premium Feature — Available with all Premium Editions of LabKey Server. Learn more or contact LabKey.

LabKey Premium Edition clients are provided with a custom support portal page giving them easy access to professional services and support directly from LabKey specific to their project. This portal provides quick links to contact information, builds, documentation, support tickets, announcements, and an easy way to share files with LabKey as required.

To find your own support portal:

  • Click the LabKey logo in the upper left to go to the LabKey Support home page.
  • Log in if necessary to see your projects.
  • Click on the project icon to open the portal.


  • Support Tickets: Report problems, request technical help, receive prompt responses.
  • Server Builds: Installation files for new versions.
  • File Sharing: Secure sharing of files with LabKey.
  • Feature Requests: Track information about your feature requests.

Build Content Reporting

Client support portals also include a report on the content of each maintenance release detailing changes since the prior build.

  • From your main support portal, click Server Builds.
  • Under Build Information, click Maintenance Release Change Log.

You'll see a list of maintenance releases, click the release number to see a full listing of pull requests for that release. The titles will describe the changes made.

  • Note that individual issues are not displayed in this report. If you are waiting for a specific issue to be fixed, please check your support ticket listing or follow up with your LabKey support person.


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