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Administrators can control the compliance features for a given folder by navigating to:

(Admin) > Folder > Management. Click the Compliance tab.

Terms of Use

To utilize any terms of use already present in the parent container (project or folder), check the box: Inherit Terms of Use from parent.

Click Terms of Use > to set new terms for this container

Require PHI Selection and Terms of Use Agreement

When enabled, users will be presented with a PHI level selection popup screen on login. The appropriate Terms of Use will be presented to them, depending on the PHI selection they make.

Require PHI Roles to Access PHI Columns

Role-based PHI handling prevents users from viewing and managing data higher than their current PHI level. When enabled, all users, including administrators, must be assigned a PHI role to access PHI columns.

You can also control the behavior of a column containing PHI when the user isn't permitted to see it. Options:

  • Blank the PHI column: The column is still shown in grid views and is available for SQL queries, but will be shown empty.
  • Omit the PHI column: The column will be completely unavailable to the user.

Query Logging

You can select three levels of additional logging, beyond what is ordinarily logged by LabKey Server. Options:

  • Do not add additional logging for query access
  • Log only query access including PHI columns
  • Log all query access
The default selection is the middle option: to log only query access involving PHI columns

For logging details, see Compliance: Logging.

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