We will start by making a time chart grouped by treatment group, then export the JavaScript to use in the next tutorial steps. This example uses the sample study datasets imported in the study tutorial.

Create a Timechart

  • Navigate to the home page of your sample study, "HIV Study." If you don't have one already, see Install the Sample Study.
  • Click the Clinical and Assay Data tab.
  • Open the LabResults data set.
  • Select (Charts) > Create Chart.
  • Click Time.
  • For the X Axis select Visit-Based.
  • Drag CD4 from the column list to the Y Axis box.
  • Click Apply.
  • You will see a basic time chart. Before exporting the chart to Javascript, we can customize it within the wizard.
  • Click Chart Layout, then change the Subject Selection to "Participant Groups". Leave the default "Show Mean" checkbox checked.
  • Change the Number of Charts to "One per Group".
  • Click Apply.
  • In the Filters > Groups panel on the left, select Cohorts and deselect anything that was checked by default. The chart will now be displayed as a series of four individual charts in a scrollable window, one for each treatment group:

Export to JavaScript

  • Hover over the chart to reveal the Export buttons, and click to Export as Script.
  • You will see a popup window containing the HTML for the chart, including the JavaScript code.
  • Select All within the popup window and Copy the contents to your browser clipboard.
  • Click Close in the popup. Then Save your chart with the name of your choice.
  • Before proceeding, paste the copied chart script to a text file on your local machine for safekeeping. In this tutorial, we use the name "ChartJS.txt".

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