When you build with Gradle, it creates a .gradle file in the directory in which the build command is issued. This directory contains various operational files and directories for Gradle and should not be checked in. Though the svn:ignore property has been updated to include .gradle in the root directory and server directory, you should probably tell svn to ignore this in every directory. The best way to do this is to edit the .subversion/config file in your home directory and add the following under the miscellany section.

global-ignores = .gradle

You may also want to add this in the .gitignore file for any of your Git module repositories.


We’ve also updated the credits page functionality for the Gradle build and the build now produces a file dependencies.txt as a companion to the jars.txt file in a module’s resources/credits directory. This is not a file that needs to be checked in, so it should also be ignored, and the best way to do that will also be to change your subversion/config file

global-ignores = .gradle dependencies.txt

And in the .gitignore file for Git module repositories it would be this:


Or, if your Git repository contains multiple modules:



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