Studies can be exported, imported, and reloaded to make it easy to transfer them between servers, duplicate them within a server, and synchronize them with a master database. A few common usage scenarios:
  • Studies can be exported and reimported to transfer from a staging environment to a production server.
  • A snapshot of one study can be exported and imported into several new studies so that they share a common baseline.
  • A brand new study can be generated with the exported structure (with or without the data) of an existing study. This allows very rapid creation of new studies based on templates.
  • The structure of an existing set of studies can also be standardized by importing selected structural elements from a common template.
  • A study can be exported masking all identifying information enabling the sharing of results without sharing PHI or any patient or clinic details.


Study, list, and folder archives are all written using UTF-8 character encoding for text files. Imported archives are parsed as UTF-8.

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  • Export / Import a Folder - Importing and exporting a folder are described in this topic. Folders are broader containers than studies, so the options presented for folder export/import are more extensive.
  • LabKey XML Schema Reference


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