The default dataset grid displays data for all participants. To view data for an individual participant, click on the participantID in the first column of the grid.

Participant Details View

The participant details view lists all of the datasets that contain data for the current participant, as shown in the image below.

  • Previous/Next Participant: Page through participants. Note that this option is only provided when you navigate from a dataset listing other participants. Viewing a single participant from the Participants tab does not include these options.
  • button: Expand dataset details.
  • button: Collapse dataset details

Add Charts

Expand dataset details by clicking the or name of the dataset of interest. Click Add Chart to add a visualization to the participant view details. The dropdown will show the charts defined for this dataset.

After you select a chart from the dropdown, click the Submit button that will appear.

Once you create a chart for one participant in a participant view, the same chart is displayed for every participant, with that participant's data.

You can add multiple charts per dataset, or different charts for each dataset. To define new charts to use in participant views, use the plot editor.


1. Charts are displayed at a standard size in the default participant details view; custom height and width, if specified in the chart definition, are overridden.

2. Time charts displaying data by participant group can be included in a participant details view, however the data is filtered to show only data for the individual participant. Disregard the legend showing group names for these trend lines.

Customize Participant Details View

You can alter the HTML used to create the default participant details page and save alternative ways to display the data using the Customize View link. You can leverage the LabKey APIs to tailor your custom page. You can also add the participant.html file via a module: for details see Custom HTML/JavaScript Participant Details View.

Click Save to refresh and see the preview below your script. Click Save and Finish when finished.

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