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Premium Panorama features add additional functionality to help users make the most of their Panorama installation. In this topic, learn how any non-guest user can customize the notifications they receive. They can opt in to notifications when any data is uploaded, or only when the number of outliers in a specified number of files exceeds a custom threshold.

Subscribe to Notifications

Any non-guest user can configure their own subscription to notifications about imports and outliers. An unusual number of outliers or pattern sustained over multiple runs may indicate a problem with an instrument that should be corrected.

To subscribe to notifications:
  • Open the (triangle) menu on the QC Summary web part.
  • Click Subscribe Outlier Notifications.
  • Use the radio buttons to control whether email notifications are sent to you.
  • If you select Email me when... you can also specify the threshold for triggering email:
    • Number of runs to consider, from 1 to 5. For one run, select most for two runs, select two most, etc.
    • Number of outliers per file that will trigger the notification. Valid values from 0 to 999. To be notified of every upload regardless of presence of outliers, enter 0 (zero).
  • Click Save.

To unsubscribe, reopen the panel, select Do not email with notifications about newly imported data, and click Save.

Notification Content

The notification will be sent immediately following a triggering upload and will have the email subject:

  • Panorama QC Outlier Notification - <##> outliers in file <filename> in <containername>
The body of the email will be the table shown in the QC Summary plot for a single sample file.

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