Query reports let you package a database query as a report. This can enable sharing the report with a different audience or presenting the query as of a specific data cut date. A user needs the "Author" role or higher to create a query report. The report also requires that the target query already exists.

Create a Query Report

  • Select (Admin) > Manage Views.
  • Select Add Report > Query Report.
  • Complete the form, providing:
    • Name (Required): The report name.
    • Author: Select from all project users listed in the dropdown.
    • Status: Choose one of "None, Draft, Final, Locked, Unlocked".
    • Data Cut Date: Specify a date if desired.
    • Category: If you are creating a report in a study, you can select an existing category.
    • Description: Optional text description.
    • Shared: Check the box if you want to share this report with other users.
    • Schema (Required): The schema containing the desired query. This choice will populate the Query dropdown.
    • Query (Required): Select a query from those in the selected schema. This will populate teh View dropdown.
    • View: If there are multiple views defined on the selected query, you'll be able to choose one here.
  • Click Save when finished.

Your report is now available for display in a web part or wiki, or sharing with others. In a study, your report will appear in the Data Views web part under the selected category (or as "Uncategorized".)

You can customize the thumbnail and mini-icon displayed with your Query Report. Learn more here.

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