The Samples home page displays a heat map of sample creation over the past twelve months. Color density represents the number of samples created in a given month.

Sample Types are displayed as rows, Expression Runs and Samples in the screenshot below. Sample Types are created outside of the biologics application.

Click a cell to see the samples created in a given month for a given type.

A grid of samples has menus for:

  • Create: Presents the list of what you can create from here.
  • Manage Samples: Actions available here include import, delete, and edit.
  • Charts: If charts are defined for this kind of sample, you can open them from here.
  • Paging through the data.
  • Download
  • Grid Views: If any custom grid views are available for this kind of sample.
Below the menus, the omnibox offers searching, sorting, and filtering like other grids in the system. If you reached this view by clicking a cell in the heatmap, you'll see the date filters applied.

Click an individual Sample Id to see its details page. A sample details pages shows three sub-tabs:

  • Overview - Summary of sample information.
  • Lineage - Shows the parents and children of the current sample, which is rendered in color.
  • Assays - Displays any assay data associated with this sample. Multiple assays are displayed on different tabs, as shown below.

Sample lineage is available as a graphical view by default, as shown below. Hover over any node for more information, click any node to see details. Click Go To Lineage Grid to see the same information as a grid. Learn more in the topic: Entity Lineage.

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