You can search the Biologics Registry in the following ways:
Note: If you use a '-' hyphen as a name separator element (as shown in the example below), search will interpret it as a minus, or NOT operator. The hyphen also breaks the search term into two elements. To search for a name with a hyphen you need to surround the search term with double quotes.
  • Searching for "es-1" will find the expression system ES-1 and related elements.
  • Searching for es-1 without the quotes will return results that contain "es" and not "1". This will include the "es-1" element (because it does not contain the string "1") but will also return many unrelated results that only contain "es".

Registry-Wide Search

To search the entire repository, enter your search terms on the home page, or click Search in the top navigation bar.

Results are displayed as tiles, as shown below.

Click Advanced to filter by Entity Type. The dropdown is populated by the entity types known to the system, it is not limited to those in the existing results.

Select the desired type and click Search. Results will be filtered to only the entity type selected.

Grid Search "Omnibox"

An "omnibox" search bar appears above all grid views. Look for the placeholder text "Select...". For example, if you select Registry > Molecules you can filter, search, and sort the grid as follows.

You can enter multiple criteria in the search bar, clicking to select from the menu, then adding any number of filters, keywords, and sorts.

Filter Columns

Enter an expression consisting of a column, a comparator, and a value. The selection menus will present the list of available options to assist you. Once filtered, the grid will display only those rows where the expression is true (for the selected column). The screenshot below shows the Avg. Mass column filtered to show values greater than 20000.

To add a new filter, search, or sort, click in the search bar outside the filter expression.

Search Keywords

To add a keyword search, click anywhere in the search bar outside existing 'lozenges' for filters or sorts. You can simply type the keyword to search for, or select search keywords, then type into the search bar.

Keyword searches behave like substring searches across all of the rows in the table, not just the rows currently displayed in the browser. But the search is limited to only those columns that are currently visible in the browser. Hidden columns are not searched. To control which columns are visible and which are hidden, see Biologics Admin: Grids, Detail Pages, and Entry Forms.

Sort Columns

Sorts control the order in which rows are displayed. Below we have sorted the Name column 'ascending', i.e. from low to high values. Note that for a text column like "Name", this is an alphabetical sort, not numerical. You can see "PS-9" listed last here.

  • You can also control the sort order by clicking the icon in the column headers.

Data Grids

Data grids provide a column of checkboxes on the left for selecting each individual row. Check the box in the header row to select all rows on the current page.

Once you've selected a page of rows, you will see buttons to select all the rows on all pages, or clear those already checked.

In the upper right, you see which rows you are viewing (here 1-20 of 37). Buttons give you the following control:

  • Step one page forward or back using the "<" and ">" buttons. Shown here, the 'Previous page' button is grayed out when you are on the first page.
  • The page number you are on is shown with a dropdown menu. You can jump to the first page or last page and see a count for the total number of pages.
  • Click the page size button to change how the grid is paginated. Options: 20, 40, 100, 250, 400.

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