To configure a service request tracker (i.e., subtasks) you need to specify a field (column) within the parent tracker that is the "Service" field. This field does not need to be named "Service", but it will be surfaced in the user interface as a dropdown labeled "Service". The dropdown will be populated with the available services or options, or example, Amino Acid, Titer, etc, in the assay request case. For user documentation of work requests and subtasks, see Biologics Workflow.

Create a Service Tracker

First, create an issue tracker or decide if you can use a pre-existing one. This will track the subtasks and cannot be the same as the parent issue tracker.

To create a new one:

  • Go to (Admin) > Go To Module > Issues.
  • Click Manage Issue List Definitions, then click (Insert New Row).
For detailed docs see Issue Tracker: Administration.

Populate Dropdowns

The selection dropdowns within the application are populated from lists and surfaced in the tracker using Lookups.

Set up a field (column) in the service tracker as a lookup to what your services are. You can create a new field, or use an existing one.

Click Admin to open an issue tracker design, then the Fields section to open and edit. To create a lookup, set the Data Type of the field to Lookup and provide the folder, schema, and target table. Learn more about editing fields in this topic: Field Editor.

For example, in the case of Assay requests, the "Assay" field is always provided, preconfigured to lookup into the assay.AssayList table.

Enable a Service Tracker

Go to the Settings page at Avatar > Settings.

On the Workflow requests page decide on (1) the primary workflow tracker and (2) the subsidiary trackers, i.e., the "task requests".

  • Primary Tracker - This dropdown is populated with all of the issue and assay trackers in the system. For information on adding a new tracker, see above. The tracker selected here will function as the top level work item tracker. Other trackers in the system are added as child tasks to the "primary" parent tasks. For example a Primary work item might be "Run Monitoring Checks", with multiple child tasks underneath it, such as "Draw and Prep Samples", "Run Amino Acid Assay", "Run Glucose Assay", etc. By default, the Work Requests tracker is selected as primary. To change the primary tracker, select from the dropdown and click Update.
  • Task Requests - This grid shows the current child task trackers. By default, there are two child task trackers: Assay Requests and Sample Requests. Use trash can icon {span class=fa fa-trash}null to remove a tracker from the grid. To add a tracker to the grid, see below.
  • Task Tracker - This dropdown is populated with unassigned issue trackers, that is unassigned as either Primary or Task tracker. Select a tracker to add it to the grid.
  • Service Column - Select a column (field) within the task tracker. This is typically a lookup.
  • Click Add to add it to the grid of Tasks.

Now you can create new service requests in Biologics.

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