Issue: Handling Backslash Characters

If you have a TSV or CSV file that contains backslashes in any text field, the upload will ignore the backslash and either substitute it for another value or ignore it completely.

For example:


This behavior occurs because the server treats backslashes as escape characters, for example, \n will insert a new line, \t will insert a tab, and so forth. Note that behavior does not appear when importing Excel files. Excel imports are handled slightly differently, and text data within the cell is processed such that text is in quotes.

Solution: Wrap Text Values with Quotation Marks

To import text fields that contain backslashes, wrap the values in quotes, for example:


Note that exporting an existing LabKey grid as a TSV or CSV file will not generate double-quotes around the values. To wrap values, either manually edit individual cells, or configure the save settings in a spreadsheet editor.


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