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Announcements21.10-SNAPSHOT21.002Message Board and Discussion ServiceLabKeyApache 2.0
API21.10-SNAPSHOT Internal API classesLabKeyApache 2.0
Assay21.10-SNAPSHOT21.000Assay framework and Standard Assay Type Apache 2.0
AssayReport21.10-SNAPSHOT Assay ReportLabKeyLabKey Software License
AssayRequest21.10-SNAPSHOT Assay Request Tracking ServiceLabKeyLabKey Software License
Audit21.10-SNAPSHOT21.000Audit Log ServiceLabKeyApache 2.0
BigIron21.10-SNAPSHOT Additional Database SupportLabKeyApache 2.0
Biologics21.10-SNAPSHOT21.001Biologics RegistrationLabKeyLabKey Software License
CAS21.10-SNAPSHOT CAS SSO Authentication ServiceLabKeyLabKey Software License
CDISC_ODM21.10-SNAPSHOT CDISC ODM Integration Apache 2.0
Compliance21.10-SNAPSHOT21.001ComplianceLabKeyLabKey Software License
ComplianceActivities21.10-SNAPSHOT Compliance ActivitiesLabKeyLabKey Software License
Core21.10-SNAPSHOT21.007Administration and Essential ServicesLabKeyApache 2.0
DataIntegration21.10-SNAPSHOT21.000Extract Tranform Load (ETL) ServiceLabKeyLabKey Software License
Duo21.10-SNAPSHOT Duo Authentication ServiceLabKeyLabKey Software License
Elisa21.10-SNAPSHOT21.000Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbant Assay (ELISA)LabKeyApache 2.0
ELISpotAssay21.10-SNAPSHOT21.000Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSpot (ELISpot) AssayLabKeyApache 2.0
Experiment21.10-SNAPSHOT21.014Experiment ServiceLabKeyApache 2.0
FileContent21.10-SNAPSHOT21.000File Content ServiceLabKeyApache 2.0
Flow21.10-SNAPSHOT21.001Flow CytometryLabKeyApache 2.0
Internal21.10-SNAPSHOT Internal classes and resourcesLabKeyApache 2.0
Inventory21.10-SNAPSHOT21.004Inventory ManagementLabKeyApache 2.0
Issues21.10-SNAPSHOT21.000Issue Tracking ServiceLabKeyApache 2.0
LabBook21.10-SNAPSHOT21.005Services and UI for Lab Book Samples, Experiments, Notes and Data Fields Apache 2.0
LDAP21.10-SNAPSHOT LDAP Authentication Service Apache 2.0
List21.10-SNAPSHOT21.002List ServiceLabKeyApache 2.0
Luminex21.10-SNAPSHOT21.000Luminex AssayLabKeyApache 2.0
Microarray21.10-SNAPSHOT21.000Microarray AssayLabKeyApache 2.0
Mothership21.10-SNAPSHOT21.000Exception Report ServiceLabKeyApache 2.0
MS221.10-SNAPSHOT21.000MS2LabKeyApache 2.0
Nab21.10-SNAPSHOT21.001Neutralizing Antibody AssayLabKeyApache 2.0
Ontology21.10-SNAPSHOT21.001Ontology Apache 2.0
Pipeline21.10-SNAPSHOT21.000Pipeline ServiceLabKeyApache 2.0
Premium21.10-SNAPSHOT21.000Premium FeaturesLabKeyLabKey Software License
Puppeteer21.10-SNAPSHOT PuppeteerLabKeyLabKey Software License
pushdownloads21.10-SNAPSHOT Push LabKey Builds To Client Server Build WikisLabKeyLabKey Software License
Query21.10-SNAPSHOT21.000Query ServiceLabKeyApache 2.0
Recipe21.10-SNAPSHOT Lab Media RecipesLabKeyLabKey Software License
REDCap21.10-SNAPSHOT RedCap Survey IntegrationLabKeyLabKey Software License
SAML21.10-SNAPSHOT SAML Authentication ServiceLabKeyLabKey Software License
SampleManagement21.10-SNAPSHOT21.002Sample ManagementLabKeyLabKey Software License
Search21.10-SNAPSHOT21.000Search ServiceLabKeyApache 2.0
ServiceTools21.10-SNAPSHOT21.000Service Team Tools Apache 2.0
Study21.10-SNAPSHOT21.004Support for observational studies and clinical trialsLabKeyApache 2.0
Survey21.10-SNAPSHOT21.000Survey ServiceLabKeyApache 2.0
Visualization21.10-SNAPSHOT Visualization ServiceLabKeyApache 2.0
Wiki21.10-SNAPSHOT Wiki ServiceLabKeyApache 2.0

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This tutorial can be completed using a free 30-day trial version of LabKey Server.

This tutorial walks you through capturing, importing, and interpreting a spreadsheet of experimental results. In particular, this tutorial will show how to:
  • Capture the experiment data in LabKey Server using a new Assay Design.
  • Import the data to the server.
  • Visualize the data.
As part of this tutorial, we will create an Assay Design, a data structure for the import and storage of experiment data. The Assay Design is based on the General assay type, the most flexible of LabKey Server's tools for working with experiment data. This assay type gives you complete control over the format for mapping your experimental results into LabKey Server.

The tutorial provides example data in the form of a Cell Culture assay that compares the performance of different media recipes.

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