Panorama: Targeted Mass Spectrometry

Documentation: Version 21.11
Panorama: Beginning with version 22.3 (March 2022), Panorama will be available only with Premium Editions of LabKey Server through the Panorama Partners Program. It will no longer be included in the Community Edition. Learn more about Panorama Partners or contact LabKey.

Panorama, implemented as a module for LabKey Server, provides web-based tools for targeted mass spectrometry experiments that integrates into a Skyline SRM/MRM/PRM/DIA workflow.

By leveraging LabKey Server's core features, Panorama offers the following solutions for targeted mass spec research:

  • Easy aggregation and curation of results
  • Guidance for new experiments based on insights from previous experiments
  • Search and review over a large collection of experiments, including multiple versions of documents
  • Secure sharing of results
  • Automated system suitability checks, tracking a variety of metrics
Researchers have two options for using Panorama:
  • PanoramaWeb provides a public Panorama server hosted at the University of Washington where laboratories and organizations can own free projects.
  • Panorama can be installed by laboratories and organizations on their own servers. It is included as part of a standard LabKey Server installation.


Experimental Data Folders

Multi-attribute Method Folders

Chromatogram Library Folders

Panorama QC Folders

Panorama Partners: Premium Resources

PanoramaWeb Documentation


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