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This topic helps you get started understanding how LabKey Biologics works and how it can work for you. It is intended to be used alongside a Biologics Trial. You should have another browser window open on the home page of your instance.

Navigation and Getting Started

Your new Biologics Trial includes the Biologics application populated with sample data. To launch the application and explore the sample, click Explore Sample Project on your biologics trial.

The home page for Biologics includes a main menu and search box in the header, and panels showing different parts of the data.

For more details about each of these options, see Biologics: Navigate.

You can also watch the Biologics videos here: LabKey Biologics - Videos.

Biologics Trial Tutorials

Highlights to explore in your biologics trial server:

Basics about LabKey Server

The LabKey Biologics application runs in a project on LabKey Server. While a user of Biologics may never need to interact with the underlying server, a better understanding can help you understand how your own data can be incorporated. While inside the application, you can switch products using the menu in the header.

The project and folder hierarchy is like a directory tree and forms the basic organizing structure inside LabKey Server. Everything you create or configure in LabKey Server, including the Biologics Application and sample data is located in some folder. Projects are the top level folders, with all the same behavior, plus some additional configuration options; they typically represent a separate team or research effort.

The "Biologics Example" project home page gives you information about the contents. If you wanted to customize the various components of the sample data, you would do so here. Be careful not to delete anything from this section which may cause errors.

Return to the Biologics Application using the menu:

Create Your Own Biologics Project

When you are ready to create your own biologics project and populate it with your own data, follow these steps:

  • Return to the LabKey UI if you are in the application, using the menu.
  • Click the LabKey logo in the upper left to return to the home project.
  • Click Create Project.
  • Enter a unique project name, and select Biologics as the folder type.
  • Click Next.
  • Accept the defaults by clicking Next, then Finish.
  • You are now in a new biologics application that is not prepopulated with any data.
  • Return to the LabKey UI again using the menu.
  • Populate the necessary data classes by clicking the name (such as "CellLine"), then using the (Insert Data) menu option.

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