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Any parents and children of an entity (or sample) can be viewed by clicking the Lineage tab on the details page.

The main lineage dashboard shows a graphical panel on the left and details on the right.

Two lineage views are available: (1) a graphical tree and (2) a grid representation.

Lineage Graph

The graphical tree shows parents above and children below the current entity. Click any node in the tree to see details on the right. Hover for links to the overview and lineage of the selected node, also known as the seed.

  • Zoom out and in with the and buttons in the lower left.
  • Step up/down/left and right within the graph using the arrow buttons.
  • Up to 5 generations will be displayed. Walk up and down the tree to see further into the lineage.
  • Click anywhere in the graph and drag to reposition it in the panel.
  • Refresh the image using the button. There are two options:
    • Reset view and select seed
    • Reset view

Graph Filters for Samples

When viewing lineage including Samples, you will have a filter button. Use checkboxes to control visibility in the graph of derivatives, source parents, and aliquots.

Lineage Grid

Click Go to Lineage Grid to see a grid representation of lineage. The grid view is especially helpful for viewing lengthy lineages/derivation histories. Control visibility of parents and children in the grid view using Show Parents and Show Children respectively.

Items in the Name column are clickable and take you to the details page for that entity.

Arrow links in the Change Seed column reset the grid to the entity in the Name column, showing you the parents or children for that entity.


Note that if any entity names that just strings of digits, you may run into issues if those "number-names" overlap with row numbers of other entities of that type. In such a situation, when there is ambiguity between name and row ID, the system will presume that the user intends to use the value as the name.

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