This topic provides a guided tour of LabKey Biologics' user interface and search functionality, including:

Set Up Trial Server

  • To follow this topic as a tutorial and see the same entries, you can register and create a Biologics Trial instance.
  • If you have already created a biologics trial server, select it, and login: Your Sites
  • On your site, click Explore.
You can also follow these steps on your own server, though search results and browsing will differ.

Main Dashboard and Menus

This section provides a quick tour of LabKey Biologics. Click along as directed to see different aspects of the data and the available tools.

Biologics Home Page

  • Navigate to your Biologics home page.
  • The top header bar is available throughout the application and includes:
    • The clickable logo, for returning to this dashboard at any time.
    • A main Menu button, giving access to all of your data and activities.
    • A set of additional menus in the upper right:

On the dashboard, you'll also see panels displaying:

  • Dashboard Insights: A selectable set of visualizations, defaulting to the Sample Count by Status.
  • Jobs List: The home for workflow jobs. If any tasks were assigned to you, they would be shown on Your Queue and can be filtered by priority.
  • Freezer List: At a glance storage details and access to your virtual freezers.


In the main header Menu, click Registry.

The Registry section is where you will find all the different Entities in the system: Molecule Sets, Molecules, etc.

Data Grids

  • Click Molecules.
The Molecules page shows a data grid of all of the registered Molecules.

Detail Pages

  • Click M-3.
  • The M-3 Details page shows properties, components, related entities of this molecule.
  • Scroll down to view the related entities.
  • Return to the Molecules grid page by clicking Molecules in the submenu bar. You can also use the main menu.

Search Biologics

Learn more about search in this topic:

The following browsing path will help you explore some linkages in our trial sample data.
  • In the header search panel, enter:
  • While there are only a few results, explore filtering them:
    • Click Advanced
    • Open the dropdown menu and select Molecule.
    • Click Search.
  • Click the M-1 search result.
  • Scroll to the Molecule Components and click PS-17.
    • If you click anywhere in the bar, the section will expand. Click the actual name link "PS-17" to switch to that entity's details.
  • Click Sequence. The Sequence tab shows sequence annotations (the results of the sequence analysis engine).
  • Click Protein Sequences.
  • You are taken to a data grid of the registered protein sequences.
  • Clicking in the "Select..." omnibox above any grid brings up a dropdown of options: filter, keyword search, sorting, and selecting grid views by name (when any are defined).
  • If you type directly into the box, you will search. Enter the following text in the search bar:
  • The search returns a few results.
  • Sort by clicking the menu icon in the column header Avg. Mass and selecting Sort ascending.
  • Modifications of the grid accumulate in the search bar in lozenge boxes.
  • Clear the modifications to return the grid to its original state. To reveal the 'X' for deleting, hover over the lozenge.

The guided tour continues in the following topic: Biologics Tutorial: Add Sequences to the Registry

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Biologics Tutorial: Add Sequences to the Registry


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