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This topic explains how to configure LabKey Server to retrieve and display data from Microsoft SQL Server as an external data source.

Microsoft SQL Server can also be used as LabKey Server's primary data source.

For either use case, check to confirm that your version of SQL Server is compatible with your version of LabKey Server in this topic:

The jTDS JDBC Driver

Use the jTDS JDBC driver, which is included with LabKey Server Premium Editions as part of the BigIron module.

Other JDBC drivers for Microsoft SQL Server have not been tested and have known issues.

Configure the MS SQL Server Data Source

Add a <Resource> element to your installations labkey.xml configuration file. Use the template below as a general starting point, replacing the words in capitals with their appropriate values.

If you will be connecting to more than one data source, be sure that all have unique name parameters, i.e. mssqlDataSource1, mssqlDataSource2, or similar. This value will be used whenever you connect an external schema to this datasource so it must be unambiguous.

<Resource name="jdbc/mssqlDataSource" 
validationQuery="SELECT 1"/>

Define a New Schema

Now define a new schema from the SQL Server data source. For details see Set Up an External Schema

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