LabKey supports copying all or part of the wiki documentation from one project or folder to another. This can be useful when setting up a new similar project or in a case when you test out a new documentation package before 'deploying' to a public location. You must have administrative privileges on the source folder to copy wikis.

Copy All Wiki Pages

To copy all pages in a folder, follow these steps:

  • Create the destination folder, if it does not already exist.
  • In the source folder, create a Wiki TOC web part (it may be named "Pages" by default), if one does not already exist.
  • Select Copy from the triangle pulldown menu on the Wiki TOC web part.
  • Select the destination folder from the tree. Note that the source folder itself is selected by default, so be sure to click a new folder if you want to avoid creating duplicates of all pages in the source folder itself.
  • Check the box provided if you want to Copy Histories Also. Otherwise, all past edit history will only remain with the source wiki.
If a page with the same name already exists in the destination wiki, the page will be given a new name in the destination folder (e.g., page becomes page1).

Copy a Single Page via URL Action

You can copy a single page to another folder from the URL. The URL action is copySinglePage.

The following table describes the available parameters.

URL ParameterDescription
sourceContainerThe path to the container containing the pages to be copied.
destContainerThe path to the destination container. If the container does not exist, it will be created.
pathIf destContainer is not specified, path is used to determine the destination container.
pageNameThe name of the page to copy.
isCopyingHistorySet to "true" to include the wiki edit history in the copy.


This URL copies the page named "MyPage" (and not its children) from the "MyDocs" project to the destination container MyDocs/NewFolder, creating that folder if it does not yet exist, and including edit history in the copied version.

Copying multiple pages via URL action is not supported.

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