Using the Notebooks dashboard, you can track multiple simultaneous notebooks in progress and interactions among teams where users both author their own work and review notebooks created by others.

Notebook Dashboard

The top section shows your Recently Accessed notebooks for quick return to where you were working. The lower section lets you search and filter in the Notebook List to find any notebook, whether you have accessed it or not.

From this dashboard you can also click to:

Recently Accessed

The cards for the notebooks you have recently accessed show the name, project affiliation color, a description (if any) and avatars for the collaborators, including yourself.

Notebook List

On the Notebook List, color coded status highlights:

  • Awaiting your review (yellow): These notebooks have been submitted for your review.
  • Submitted for review (gray): These have been submitted for review by you (or someone else).
  • Returned for changes (blue): Review has been completed and changes were requested; the review did not pass.
  • Overdue notebooks (red): The date for review has passed and action on these notebooks is more urgent.
By default, you see a Card view of notebooks in this list. Use the selector to switch to a Grid view.

Use Project and Status filter dropdowns to see groups of notebooks for that project or in that status. Click the Sort button to select how to sort the notebooks.

Notebook Notifications

To enable or disable email notifications, select Settings from the user menu. Use the checkbox to subscribe:

  • Send me notifications when notebooks I am part of are submitted, approved, or have changes requested

When subscribed, you will receive email when notebooks you author are submitted, rejected, or approved. You will also receive a notification when you are assigned as a reviewer of someone else's notebook.

Emails sent will provide detail about the nature of the notification:

  • When a user starts a thread on a notebook:
    • The email subject field will follow the pattern: <USERNAME> commented in <NOTEBOOK NAME>: "<FIRST FIVE WORDS>..."
    • Recipients include: notebook author(s)
    • The thread author will not be in the notification list. If the thread author happens to be the same as the notebook author, this author will not get an email notification.
  • When a user comments on a thread:
    • The email subject field will follow the pattern: <USERNAME> replied in <NOTEBOOK NAME> on thread: "<FIRST FIVE WORDS OF ORIGINAL THREAD> ..."
    • Recipients include: notebook author(s) and the person who started the initial thread.
    • The current commentator shall not be in the notification list. If the commentator happens to be the same as the notebook author, this person will not get an email notification.
  • If a user's Messages setting at the folder level is set to "Daily digest of my conversations", then:
    • The individual email subject headers within the digest will follow the pattern: "<USERNAME> commented [...]" as specified above.
    • The subject-line of the digest email itself will not include comment details.
    • A notification will be included in a user's digest if they have participated in the thread, if they are on the notify list, or if they are among the authors of a notebook that has been commented on.

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