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This topic covers creation of a "Flow" folder and import of a FlowJo workspace that you can use for our LabKey Flow Analysis tutorial.

Step 1: Create a Flow Folder

To begin:
  • Log in to your server and navigate to your "Tutorials" project. Create it if necessary.
    • If you don't already have a server to work on where you can create projects, start here.
    • If you don't know how to create projects and folders, review this topic.
  • Create a new subfolder named "My Flow Tutorial". Choose the folder type Flow.

Step 2: Upload Data Files

Obtain the Sample Data Files

  • Download the zip file: Flow sample data
  • Extract the zip archive to your local hard drive.

Upload to LabKey

  • In your "My Flow Tutorial" folder, under the Flow Summary section, click Upload and Import.
  • On your desktop, find the folder labkey-demo (inside the unzipped labkey-flow-demo archive).
  • Drag and drop this folder into the LabKey file browser, then wait for the sample files to be uploaded.
  • When complete, you will see the files added to your project's file management system.

Step 3: Import FlowJo Workspace

The details of importing the workspace are covered in the topic: Import a Flow Workspace and Analysis. To quickly set up your environment, follow these steps:

  • Click the My Flow Tutorial link to return to the main folder page.
  • Click Import FlowJo Workspace Analysis.
  • Click Browse the pipeline and select labkey-demo > Workspaces > labkey-demo.xml as shown in this screencap.

  • In Step 2, Select FCS Files, scroll down and select Browse the pipeline for a directory of FCS Files.
  • Click labkey-demo once to open it.
  • Check the box for the FACSData folder.
  • Click Next.

  • In all remaining steps, click Next to accept the defaults.
  • Click Finish at the end of the wizard.
  • Wait for the import to complete, which can take several minutes.
  • Click the My Flow Tutorial link to return to the main folder page.

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