To create new samples within LabKey Biologics, you must first create the Sample Type to describe the properties this kind of sample will have.

Once the type exists, you can create or import data for new samples, using grid and file import interfaces described here.


Create Sample Type

The Sample Type defines the fields and properties of samples. You can create Sample Types either inside or outside the LabKey Biologics application.

To create Sample Types inside the Biologics Application, click Sample Types on the main menu, then select Create > Sample Type.

  • Note that before any Sample Types are created, the main menu will include a direct link to "Create a Sample Type".

Follow the Sample Type creation process, as described in this topic for the LabKey Sample Manager application:

Once you specify all the properties and fields, click Finish Creating Sample Type and it will be available for use in the application.

Learn about about the different field types available in this topic: Field Types and Properties Special behavior for File fields in Sample Types is described in this topic: Attach Images and Other Files

Naming Patterns

Samples must have unique names (SampleIDs). These can be provided by you or generated by the system using a Naming Pattern as part of the definition of the Sample Type. Naming patterns can incorporate column values, dates, strings, and lineage details. Learn more in this topic:

Aliquot Naming Patterns are also defined for the sample type. The default is the parent sample name (AliquotedFrom) followed by a dash and incrementing counter:

If instead you wanted to use a dot between the sample name and aliquot number, you'd use the pattern:


Learn more about customizing aliquot naming patterns here: Aliquot Naming Patterns

Both Sample and Aliquot naming patterns will be validated during sample type creation, giving administrators a chance to correct any syntax errors. Users will be able to hover over the to see an example generated ID in a tool tip within the application when creating new samples or viewing the details for a sample type.

Create Samples

There are several entry points from which you can create samples of any given type.

  • From an entity or sample detail page: Select > Create Samples > [Type of Sample] to create samples of any type. See below.
  • From a grid of samples of any type: Select Create > [Type of Sample].
  • From a grid of another kind of entity: Select Create > Samples > [Type of Sample].

Create Samples from Selected Parent

When you create samples from an entity detail page, or select only one entity on a grid first, you will see a popup asking whether you want to create:

  • Derivatives: One or more output samples per parent, potentially with different properties.
  • Aliquots: Aliquot copies from the parent sample, sharing many of the same properties.
For both, enter how many new samples per parent you want to create:

Enter the number, then click Go To Sample Creation Grid. You'll see the parent entity prepopulated, and can edit this if necessary.

Learn more in the companion topic for Sample Manager:

Create Samples from Multiple Parents

If you select one or more entities from a grid before creating your samples, you will first choose whether you intend to create:

  • Derivatives: new samples from each of these parents separately, or
  • Pooled Samples: some number of new samples, each with all of the selected parents, or
  • Aliquots: aliquot copies of each of the parent samples.

Provide the number to create (for derivatives and aliquots this is the number per parent), then click Go To Sample Creation Grid to continue creating the new samples with prepopulated parents.

Learn more in the companion topic for Sample Manager:

Sample Creation Wizard

The fields required for creating new samples will vary based on the Sample Type. All new samples require:

  • Sample Type: Selected or prepopulated via one of the methods for entering the wizard.
  • Quantity to create.
You can either Create Samples from Grid or Import Samples from File. More details for both options are found in the companion topic for the LabKey Sample Manager application:


If desired, one or more parents of the new sample can be specified. Click Add Parent, then select the type of parent to be added from the list of Data Classes and Sample Types available. More than one type of parent may be selected if needed, and there is no requirement that each new sample have parents from every type selected.

If you are generating new sample IDs from an existing sample or entity, it will already be prepopulated as a parent, with the type of entity preselected as a parent type.

Generating Samples

Once the fields in the wizard are completed, click Finish Creating # Samples to generate the new samples.

Upon successful submission, you will see the sample type filtered to show only your newly created samples.

Import Samples from File

Instead of using the "Create" options and choosing "Import Samples from File", you can directly access this option by navigating to the type of sample you are importing and choosing Manage > Import Samples.

Follow the steps in the companion topic for Sample Manager:

Click Import to create the samples.

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