The person who installs LabKey Server at their site becomes the first member of the Site Administrators group and has administrative privileges across the entire site. Members of this group can view any project, make administrative changes, and grant permissions to other users and groups. For more information on built in groups, see Global Groups.

Common Site Admin Tasks

Add Other Site Admins

When you add any users to the Site Administrators group, they will have full access to your LabKey site. Most users do not require such broad administrative access to LabKey, and should be added as site users rather than as administrators. Users who require admin access for a particular project can be granted administrative access at the project level only.

  • Go to (Admin) > Site > Site Admins. You'll see the current membership of the group.
  • In the Add New Members text box, enter the email addresses for your new site administrators.
  • Choose whether to send an email and if so, how to customize it.
  • Click Done.

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