Premium Resource - Specimen functionality is a legacy feature available with Premium Editions of LabKey Server. For new installations, we recommend using Sample Manager instead. Learn more or contact LabKey.

Administrators set up and populate the specimen repository and configure the available options and tools to best fit the needs of other specimen users. There is no specimen specific administration role: any folder administrator can complete these tasks.

Import Specimen Data

LabKey Server supports two types of repository and two methods for bringing specimen data into a LabKey study:

The simplest method is to use a Standard Specimen Repository and paste data from a specimen spreadsheet.

An Advanced Specimen Repository allows you to upload and import a specimen archive, and then manage requests and transfer of specimens between labs.

Premium Features Available

Subscribers to the Professional and Enterprise Editions of LabKey Server can also configure import specimens from an external archive. Options available are described in these topics:

Learn more about premium editions

Customize Specimen Properties

Customize the Specimen UI

Administer a Specimen Archive

These features and options are applicable to Advanced Specimen Repositories.


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